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Protection Blue

Serving Those Who Serve Others 

Protection Blue is dedicated to those who dedicate their lives for the citizens of our country. Matt Lang with Cornerstone Financial Partners decided to team up with Lewis Morrell to help serve the first responders who have been serving us non-stop. 

They are constantly away from their families, protecting the communities they are in. They are willing to put their lives at risk for the sake of others. The only time to worry about their retirement is on their commute to work in the morning.

Protection Blue helps educators and municipal employees by crafting and customizing their financial road map with these and other choices:  

  • State pension review
  • Beneficiary option selection
  • Risk tolerance review
  • Fee review for current portfolios, vendor and product selection.

Protection Blue will consult with the employer to connect them with a specialized expert in that field.

Please click the link to the website to learn more about Protection Blue and its cause: Protection Blue